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Hamburg Burning – On Anarchism And The Self-Immolation Of Neoliberalism (Carl Raschke)

On the train to the airport last week in Düsseldorf at the very end of an exhausting, tightly scheduled, and eventful Central European trip, I overheard two young Germans, a man and a woman, talking about the upcoming G-20 summit in Hamburg, which several nights later morphed into a global spectacle of rioting, […]

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Political Theology Needs Its Own “Pivot To Asia” (Kwok Pui-Lan)

This essay first appeared as part of an announcement for the print journal Political Theology in July, 2016.  It is reprinted here because of its timeliness.  The original posting can be found here. When scholars discuss modern political theology, they usually refer to Carl Schmitt’s book Political Theology as the founding […]

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Negotiate Globally, Advocate Nationally: An American Catholic Response to the U.S.-China Climate Change Agreement

On Wednesday, November 12, the United States and China agreed to national carbon emission reductions. On the one hand, both countries are already set to meet their respective reduction targets based on existing commitments. On the other hand, the deal is significant because it signals that the world’s two largest […]

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