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September Morning — Julie Craig

Early on a sunny September morning, my son, then fourteen years old, knocked on my bedroom door and asked, “Mom? Did somebody bomb the World Trade Center?” Rousing from my sleep I replied, “Yes, but that was years ago.” Before I could roll over to shut off the alarm that […]

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Fragments: Reflections in a Shattered Screen

By Tina Beattie

Fragments. That’s all we have. Books have been written, justifications have been offered, blame has been distributed and redistributed, enquiries have been held, heroes have been buried, villains have been executed, prime ministers and presidents have come and gone, and still all we have are fragments, and the rattle of empty words, dry as ash and bones.

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Evil and the Spirit of the Multitude

While I would not want to deny the political importance of forms, I would add to this analysis the importance of the kinds of spirit or inner drive (desire) which may be astir in them. An essential part of the explanation for the enormity of 9/11 is that the terrorist network responsible for them was not animated by a drive to produce new configurations of value and meaning so much as by a reactionary desire to bring judgment upon forces of modernity which were perceived to be a threat to established (traditional religious) values. The animating spirit of terrorist networks is a spirit of ressentiment.

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