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Political Theology And “Religiography” – On Shifting Liminalities (Roger Green)

Stephen S. Bush’s Visions of Religion: Experience, Meaning, and Power (2014) offers a discourse analysis on twentieth century developments in religious studies.  While no theory is perfect, Bush’s attempt to formulate his own theory of religion gives those of us working in Political theology food for thought.  With ongoing interdisciplinary […]

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Spirits Of Blood And Breath – Contrasting Religious Perspectivism With Actual People’s Perspectives (Roger Green)

Barbara Alice Man opens her recent book, Spirits of Blood, Spirits of Breath, noting the ongoing difficulties indigenous people face among white scholars. Indigenous scholars often face the charges of “essentialism” or “bias” when attempting to present their own intellectual and historical accounts.  Such charges are as limiting as the […]

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Suffragists parade down Fifth Avenue, 1917.
Advocates march in October 1917, displaying placards containing the signatures of more than one million New York women demanding the vote.

The New York Times Photo Archives

Occluded Resources For Political Theology – Leveraging Gender, Sexuality, and Biblical Studies (Erin Runions)

The following is the second of a pair of roundtable commentaries on the state of political theology today.  The first by Ted Smith was published by PTT on September 16, 2016.  These commentaries originated as contributions to a panel discussion at the American Academy of Religion in Atlanta in November […]

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