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Trading Scalpels For Guillotines – A Reader’s Response To Robin Lovin On Niebuhrian Prophets (Dallas Gingles)

I read with interest two new articles on Reinhold Niebuhr that came out over the Thanksgiving holiday. They were a joint response by Scott Paeth and Daniel A. Morris to Robin Lovin’s recent article on Reinhold Niebuhr’s reliance on the prophetic tradition. They suggest that while Lovin is correct in his […]

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Political Theology And “Religiography” – On Shifting Liminalities (Roger Green)

Stephen S. Bush’s Visions of Religion: Experience, Meaning, and Power (2014) offers a discourse analysis on twentieth century developments in religious studies.  While no theory is perfect, Bush’s attempt to formulate his own theory of religion gives those of us working in Political theology food for thought.  With ongoing interdisciplinary […]

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Announcement – Political Theology Network Conference Call For Papers

Conference Call for Papers When?  Feb. 15-17, 2018 Where:  Emory University Conference Center, Atlanta GA Deadline for Proposals: December 18, 2017 | Notification: December 22, 2017 Email for submissions and questions: vincent.lloyd@villanova.edu We invite proposals of 200-300 words for papers exploring political theology, broadly understood as an interdisciplinary conversation about intersections of […]

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Announcement – Political Theology Network Interdisciplinary Outreach, Schedule For 2017-2018

In an effort to promote the Political Theology Network across a variety of academic institutions, organizations, and associations, we have put together some exciting interdisciplinary outreach projects over the next few months. The goals of this interdisciplinary outreach initiative are: (1) to increase the exposure of the Political Theology Network […]

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Books We Love, Part 1 (Roberto Sirvent)

To help us launch the Political Theology Network, we asked scholars working at the intersection of religion and politics to share five books that inspired them. The “Books We Love” series offers a fun way to introduce readers of Political Theology Today to books that have influenced their favorite authors. […]

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Book Preview – Cultivating A New Indian Political Theory (Aakash Singh Rathore)

Aakash Singh Rathore. Indian Political Theory: Laying the Groundwork for Svaraj.  Routledge, 2017. Increasingly influential and widespread critiques of the internationally dominant tradition of political theory – that is, Rawlsian liberalism – along with the advent of globalization, have led political theorists toward the view that political theory should not […]

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Political Theology Must Be Engaged More Profoundly With Political Philosophy (Jonathan Cole)

What is the difference between “political philosophy” and “political theology,” apart from the name?  In a straightforward sociological sense the difference is that some scholars describe themselves, or are described by others, as “political philosophers” and others as “political theologians.” Those so-described often find themselves institutionally separated – political philosophers […]

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