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How the First World War Helped Give Rise to Political Theology – Ramón Luzárraga

Centennial commemorations of the First World War began last June 28 with the anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand von Hapsburg and his pregnant wife, Sophie, the Duchess of Hohenberg, by the Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip. This was followed by the anniversary on July 28 of Austria-Hungary’s declaration […]

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100 Years of Political Theology: A Caribbean Perspective (by Ramon Luzarraga)

From the editor: We continue our series of “Top 10 lists,” offering different perspectives on the field of political theology in response to Ted Smith’s “Political Theology Start-up Kit” posted last month at the Religion in American History blog. This week, Ramón Luzárraga offers a distinctive Caribbean perspective on the […]

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Deleuze beyond Badiou

Book Review – Clayton Crockett, Deleuze Beyond Badiou

Clayton Crockett’s Deleuze Beyond Badiou is more than a commentary on Badiou’s reading of Deleuze or a defense of Deleuze. It is, rather, a transdisciplinary work that crosses the domains of theology, philosophy, and politics through a reading of the relationship between Deleuze and Badiou. Crockett’s goal, however, is not primarily descriptive but constructive, in that he uses the relationship between the two philosophers as a means for thinking otherwise.

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Voting Rights and the Spirit

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was an extraordinary piece of legislation. Its passage was catalyzed by the activism of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the community organizing of countless individuals, young and old. It has had an extraordinary effect, dramatically increasing African American voter registration and participation in the […]

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The Limits of Drones, the Law, and Obama

President Obama’s recent speech at the National Defense University was billed as a major speech on US counterterrorism policy, especially on drones and Guantanamo. The New York Times was among those organizations that billed it as a significant change. Following the speech, debate arose over the true extent of that shift. Then came the Snowden release, […]

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Book (P)review – Religion, Politics and the Earth by Clayton Crockett and Jeffrey W. Robbins

[Clayton Crockett, University of Central Arkansas, and Jeffrey W. Robbins, Lebanon Valley College, on their co-authored book, Religion, Politics and the Earth: The New Materialism, Palgrave Macmillan, 2012] When we were first invited to contribute to the Political Theology blog with reference to Religion, Politics and the Earth, the idea was […]

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