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“Race To The Abyss” – The Politics Of “Progressive” Neoliberal Rationality (Carl Raschke)

The following is the last installment of a four-part series on “progressive neoliberalism”. The first installment can be found here, the second one here, and the third one here. In a prescient and prophetic essay in the newspaper Le Monde during the last month of 1998, the famed French social theorist Pierre Bourdieu […]

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Hamburg Burning – On Anarchism And The Self-Immolation Of Neoliberalism (Carl Raschke)

On the train to the airport last week in Düsseldorf at the very end of an exhausting, tightly scheduled, and eventful Central European trip, I overheard two young Germans, a man and a woman, talking about the upcoming G-20 summit in Hamburg, which several nights later morphed into a global spectacle of rioting, […]

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What’s The Matter With California? The Left’s Capitulation To Neoliberalism (Roger Green)

Just after the 2017 U.S. presidential election philosopher Alain Badiou gave a talk at UCLA entitled “Reflections on the Recent Election.”  Badiou opened with a reference to poetry, noting the philosophical necessity to avoid the affective displays of anger, horror, outrage, fear, etc. in the face of the enemy: And we […]

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Is The Contingency Issue Political, Professional, Personal, Or All The Above? (Kat Daley-Bailey)

The following is the fifth, and final, essay in a series on “the contingent campus”, or the problem of adjunctification and precarious academic employment. “Do you accept Jesus as your political Lord and Savior?” You read that correctly. “Do you accept Jesus as your political Lord and Savior?” When asked to […]

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The New Global Populism May Not Be What Everyone Seems To Imagine (Carl Raschke)

As the year 2016 concludes, both the political and theological terrain have shifted dramatically at a global level, even as most academics and sundry pundits continue to obsess, sometimes even to the edge of outright pathology, over the results of the American Presidential election. The endlessly proliferating fears and fantasies among so much of the Western intelligentsia […]

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Are Calls For “Sanctuaries” Well-Intentioned Masks For A Neoliberal Agenda? (Roger Green)

The post-election discussions on campuses with respect to DACA policies, or “Dreamers”, in the United States employ the potentially loaded theologically term “sanctuary”.  As Shannon Najmabadi pointed out in a recent article for The Chronicle of Higher Education, while some advocate declaring “sanctuary” campuses, others worry about the conflict between […]

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Beyond Globalism And Ethno-Nationalism – Glimpsing A Radical New Kind Of “Universalism” (Carl Raschke)

It has now been slightly more than two weeks since the recent, paradigm-shattering Presidential election in the United States, and everyone in America by now, it seems, has had their chance to express themselves by a variety of means approximating rival gang members thrown together into the mosh pit of a death metal […]

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Levinasian Responsibility To The Other Should “Trump” All Identity Politics (Joshua Lawrence)

Donald Trump’s recent appointment of Stephen Bannon as chief White House strategist and senior counsel to the POTUS has furthered criticism of his election and brought additional attention to the “alt-right,” a rather nebulous term intended to reference a motley crew of predominantly white discontents. The New York Times has […]

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The American Presidential Debates Mask A Divisive “Deep Politics” To Which We Remain Blissfully Oblivious (Carl Raschke)

The first Presidential debate of the 2016 election cycle can be compared to the annual appearance of Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog Day.   It was a highly touted and media-overdetermined event that most likely in the long run was of little consequence. The “debate changed nothing fundamental about the race for the […]

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Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II

The Perils Of American Foreign Policy And The End Of The New “Holy Roman Empire” (Martin Katchen)

The edifice of neoliberalism is now under unprecedented challenge and de-legitimation by a variety of critics. The Greek debt crisis exposed just how inhumane financial regulation and trans-national banking could be. Brexit showed that yes, a majority of “forgotten people” could overrule their social “betters” and that working class people […]

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