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London looks for its Olympics Legacy….

I confess it – I am an Olympics junky! Glued to the TV last night as Bolt, Blake and Weir gave Jamaica at clean sweep in the 200 metres on the 50th anniversary of Jamaican independence…John Reader is right to remind us in his recent post on this Blog that the Roman ethic of ‘bread and circuses’ infused the ancient games – they were a means of social control. Is that what has been going on in London for the last two weeks?

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The Politics of Acts 2:1-21

Although often lost in a generic celebration of the giving of the Spirit, this text is one that is filled with questions of ethnicity, language, and diversity. It speaks to the American debate of whether this nation can or should be a melting pot that blends and ignores culture and ethnicity or a mosaic and celebration of the diversity that exists in our midst. But first, some background:

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Beyond Romantic Multiculturalism

 The affirmation of multiculturalism has almost been a marker of progressive orthodoxy amongst those on the theological ‘left’ for generations. It has characterised Church reports (e.g. ‘Faithful and Equal’, ‘Seeds of Hope’, ‘Passing Winter’ and ‘Faithful Cities’) theological education, community engagement, sermons and key texts on the urban political theology […]

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“Clearly, this is not a pacifist God we serve”

The following piece was originally published at Sightings on 8/4/2011 by Margaret M. Mitchell, who is Dean of the University of Chicago Divinity School and Shailer Mathews Professor of New Testament and Early Christian Literature. Sightings is connected with the Martin Marty Center at the University of Chicago Divinity School. […]

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Failures of Vision: Cameron and Multiculturalism

At the Munich Security Conference last weekend, David Cameron announced his belief that multiculturalism in Britain has failed: Under the doctrine of state multiculturalism, we’ve encouraged different cultures to live separate lives apart from each other and apart from the mainstream. We’ve failed to provide a vision of society to […]

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