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QUICK TAKES – The Legality and Larger Meaning of Kentucky Clerk’s Refusal To Issue Marriage Licenses For LGBT Couples

The refusal of Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis to issue marriage licenses to LGBT couples on grounds of religious conscience has set off a storm of national controversy in recent days and has resulted in her jailing on orders from a federal judge.   The legal issues surrounding her defiance as […]

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SCOTUS Decision on Marriage Equality Does Not Address The Underlying Issue of Economic Inequality (Alan Jay Richard)

This past weekend my Facebook and Twitter feeds were awash with rainbow colors and expressions of patriotic love for the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

The Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges granting “marriage equality” to same sex couples coincided with Pride weekend in many places, including Houston, Texas, where I have lived a good part of my life. My straight friends were particularly effusive in their expressions of joy on my behalf, as if Obergefell v Hodges were the decisive moment when people like myself finally achieved equality.

It was as if this moment were marked somehow out as sacred.

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QUICK TAKES – Do the New State “Religious Freedom” Laws Ensure Such Freedoms, or Only A License to Discriminate?

In this week’s edition of QUICK TAKES on current and newsworthy issues involving religion and theology by POLITICAL THEOLOGY TODAY, we look at the very recent national controversy over legislation passed in both Indiana and Arkansas that purported to be state-based versions of the existing federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act […]

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Chapel at Episcopal Divinity School

Entirely Spiritual And Deeply Political

A few weeks ago, I was part of a conversation among some LGBTQ Christian activists in which my friend Vivian Taylor said, “I view this work as entirely spiritual and also as deeply political.” For many people, the adjectives “spiritual” and “political” are opposites. But for me and for thousands […]

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marriage equality

Equal Recognition

We’ve said it over and over this past week. “Hello, Federally Recognized Wife!” It’s part of our celebration of and wonder at the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Windsor v. United States. Two women whose geekiness usually remains in the categories of sports trivia (her) or musical theatre (me) were […]

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Kiss Cam

I was a Kiss Cam virgin when we went to see the Orioles at Camden Yards a couple of years ago. The minor league ball field near my house in Maine didn’t feature a big video screen, so I was surprised when, late in the game, the camera zoomed in […]

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Out in Public

On Monday, more than 400 Episcopalians spent a few hours in cold and snowy Washington, DC, praying a modern-day stations of the cross as a public witness against gun violence. More than 20 bishops were there in their purple/magenta cassocks, and a few hundred clergy in their collars. All of […]

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My Thomist Epiphany at a Same-Sex Wedding

Maybe it’s strange to think about political theology at a wedding ceremony. But political theology was on my mind a few years ago, when I attended the wedding of a same-sex couple in my extended family. The recent victories for marriage equality in Maine, Maryland, and Washington have me thinking about political theology again. I had a Thomist epiphany at that wedding years ago, and as the levees blocking marriage equality seem ready to break, I’d like to share that experience…

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