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yoga practitioners

Yoga Practitioners And The Unspoken Global Aspirations Of Indian Ethno-Nationalism (Patrick McCartney)

If an individual participates in the global yoga phenomenon in some way, does this leave them susceptible to becoming an unwitting supporter of a violent Hindu nationalist ideology? And, does this make them a yoga fundamentalist? One of the more pressing matters involves clarifying the link(s) between the consumption of […]

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bharat mata

The Hindu Goddess in Indian Politics (Atreyee Sen)

In May 2014, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi travelled to the riverside holy city of Varanasi to worship mother goddess Ganges in gratitude for his victory in the national elections. This grand self-promotional gesture by a prominent Hindu nationalist politician illustrates how religion and politics remain enmeshed in India. Even though the democratic constitution of the nation-state has been modeled on western varieties of secularism, everyday politics is infused with religious iconographies.

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india parliament gate

“Exclusive” Growth: Fundamentalism in the service of Liberalism, and vice versa

Federal elections in the world’s largest democracy have recently led to a significant change of leadership in India. There are two crucial domains of concern for anyone looking at the future of India after these elections: on the one hand, concerns about the rights and dignity of minority communities, which is saturated with an ideological component; on the other hand, the project of growth and development, which is the language Prime Minister Modi now speaks.

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Reflections on the National Elections of India, April-May 2014 – Shaji George Kochuthara

Elections in India are always an interplay of politics, religion, language, caste, national concerns, regional interests, money, business interests, media and so on. Hence any analysis of the election results is rather complex and complicated. The recent national elections attracted great attention within India as well as from other countries, […]

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