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The Legacy Of The Protestant Reformation In Modern Law (John Witte, Jr.)

The following article kicks off the first of a special symposium that will run during the month of October, 2017 on the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.   The following article was prepared for “Luther – 95 Treasures, 95 People,” Stiftung Luthergedenkstätten in Sachsen-Anhalt, Lutherstadt, Wittenberg, Germany  (2017). Martin Luther […]

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Hamburg Burning – On Anarchism And The Self-Immolation Of Neoliberalism (Carl Raschke)

On the train to the airport last week in Düsseldorf at the very end of an exhausting, tightly scheduled, and eventful Central European trip, I overheard two young Germans, a man and a woman, talking about the upcoming G-20 summit in Hamburg, which several nights later morphed into a global spectacle of rioting, […]

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The revolution against the state – something to celebrate this Fourth of July

As the Fourth of July, the 237th anniversary of America’s famous epoch-staging revolution against Britain arrives, the world is gripped by the strangest of ironies in this strangest of times. The “sweet land of liberty” is increasingly viewed by those who after centuries of world wars and collapsed despotisms finally […]

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