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Why I Wear a Clergy Collar (Sometimes)

 A few months ago, I celebrated the 20th anniversary of my ordination to pastoral ministry.  A few weeks later, I wore a clergy collar for the first time.  To set the scene:  I didn’t go to seminary following a clear call to professional church leadership.  I went to seminary to […]

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marriage equality

Equal Recognition

We’ve said it over and over this past week. “Hello, Federally Recognized Wife!” It’s part of our celebration of and wonder at the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Windsor v. United States. Two women whose geekiness usually remains in the categories of sports trivia (her) or musical theatre (me) were […]

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Saving Jesus, One “Merry Christmas” at a Time

Last week, Texas Governor Rick Perry signed a “Merry Christmas Bill”  which closed some gaps in Texas public school education: Protecting religious greetings, including the phrase “Merry Christmas;” allowing religious displays, including nativity scenes; and providing for education regarding “winter celebrations,” including Christian ones. Jesus: Saved again. (/sarcasm) I humbly suggest […]

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Kiss Cam

I was a Kiss Cam virgin when we went to see the Orioles at Camden Yards a couple of years ago. The minor league ball field near my house in Maine didn’t feature a big video screen, so I was surprised when, late in the game, the camera zoomed in […]

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National Day of Prayer

Somewhere on a remote rural road in far northeast Pennsylvania, a tire company makes a statement.  In tires.  I drove that road for many months, wondering if I was seeing more than a collection of tires on an entrance embankment.  Eventually, I got the message.  In letters and numbers 20 […]

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On my ball cap

Last week, while the world focused on Boston, I drove to another part of Massachusetts with my high school Senior daughter. At our destination, we celebrated her college choice with a trip to the bookstore to purchase flag swag for the whole family. I came away with a ball cap […]

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Plan A

  Plan A Plan B, otherwise known as the “Morning After Pill” is in the news again. Recently a Federal judge lifted the FDA’s restrictions that prevented women younger than 17 from obtaining the medication over-the-counter without parental permission. If the ruling—which is surely going to be challenged—stands,  young  women […]

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Out in Public

On Monday, more than 400 Episcopalians spent a few hours in cold and snowy Washington, DC, praying a modern-day stations of the cross as a public witness against gun violence. More than 20 bishops were there in their purple/magenta cassocks, and a few hundred clergy in their collars. All of […]

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You Can Do That

My first call to pastoral ministry came to me when I was eight years old. It was everything a call to ministry should be: in a church worship service, kneeling at the altar on a Sunday night, candle light and soft music. I looked up at the pastor in his […]

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Undeserved, Underserved ~ Julia Seymour

Almost ten years ago, I had an irregular Pap smear. The doctor found unusual growths on my cervix that then had to be biopsied. During the colposcopy, the doctor was very emotional. She kept mentioning how I had “done everything right” and did not “deserve” this. She was reacting to […]

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Q and A — Julie Craig

I have been known to point out, in sermons on the teaching of Jesus, that Jesus never asks a question to which he does not already know the answer. This places him squarely in the tradition of trial attorneys and Junior High principals. It is worth noting that the last […]

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