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Something’s Happening Here…And Fifty Years Later Perhaps We Ought To Beware (Carl Raschke)

As I watched Berkeley burn on February 1 in protest against the speaking engagement of right-wing political provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, the feeling of deja vous suddenly turned vivid and overwhelming. I was transported in my imagination back to the same place where I had attended graduate school in the late 1960s amid all […]

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Luis León And The Formation Of A New Latino Political Spirituality (Roger Green)

The work of Luis León in recent years has proven to be signally important in fostering a discourse of ethno-“spirituality” as the linchpin of a genuine Latino political theology. León’s The Political Spirituality of Cesar Chavez extends the concept of religious poetics he introduced in La Llorona’s Children, offering a “case study” with the mythical […]

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