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How The New Left Helped Create The Alt-Right (Carl Raschke)

The tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia turned on a dime pervasive media attention and popular focus on what looked for many like an apocalyptic confrontation with North Korea, and fashioned another instant narrative about an imminent threat to America – in this case the rise of the so-called “alt-right.” The death of one person and injury […]

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Hamburg Burning – On Anarchism And The Self-Immolation Of Neoliberalism (Carl Raschke)

On the train to the airport last week in Düsseldorf at the very end of an exhausting, tightly scheduled, and eventful Central European trip, I overheard two young Germans, a man and a woman, talking about the upcoming G-20 summit in Hamburg, which several nights later morphed into a global spectacle of rioting, […]

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The New Global Populism May Not Be What Everyone Seems To Imagine (Carl Raschke)

As the year 2016 concludes, both the political and theological terrain have shifted dramatically at a global level, even as most academics and sundry pundits continue to obsess, sometimes even to the edge of outright pathology, over the results of the American Presidential election. The endlessly proliferating fears and fantasies among so much of the Western intelligentsia […]

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ARCHIV--Herbert Marcuse im Alter von 72 Jahren waehrend eines Interviews in den USA im Oktober 1970. Der am 29. Juli 1979 in Starnberg verstorbene Philosoph waere am 19. Juli 1998 hundert Jahre alt geworden. (AP Photo/Archiv)

Democracy, Free Speech, and the “Politics of Truth” – Marcuse’s Question of Who Should Be Allowed To Speak Rears Its Head Again

The prestigious Columbia Journalism Review in a headline article today asks a provocative question: does Donald Trump, “a pumpkin-haired, nonsense-spewing, bloviating [demagogue]” deserve not merely the extensive media attention he has both cultivated and been given, but the very right to free speech? For the article’s author Bill Wyman, former […]

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The Fashionable New Global Fascism – Do We Deny The Deeper Meaning of the ISIS Attacks At Our Own Peril?

The recent attacks by ISIS on Western targets call into serious question the assumptions stated publicly by the leaders of the Western liberal democracies. Anyone concerned about the events in Paris, for instance, should check out this truly alarming report in The New York Review of Books on the spread of the Islamic State […]

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