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Voters lined up from early hours for the poling station to be opened in capital Kampala February 18, 2016.

South African Political Unrest And The New Activism Of The Churches – A Tale Of Three Hashtags (Stephen Martin)

Over the past two or three years I’ve published several pieces with PTT on the theological significance of South Africa’s democratic evolution and the involvement of churches there. The last of these concerned the #rhodesmustfall movement, which began with a statue fronting the University of Cape Town’s Upper Campus. With […]

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The Greek Rhetorical Concept of “Parrhesia” As Theological Key To A Renewed Democracy

From Hollywood comes the latest political scandal.  Richard Dreyfuss, a prominent actor, was spotted at a Ted Cruz rally. Shock and outrage echoed from Hollywood and Vine throughout Malibu Canyon.  Does Mr. Dreyfuss consider supporting a conservative, tongues wagged, in the likes of Ted Cruz?!   Dreyfuss vehemently denied culpability. His […]

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Xi Jinping 05

Chinese Democracy?

This is the second of a series of five articles on understanding China today. The articles cover politics, economics, culture and religion, since all of these are important for making some sense of what is happening. Each topic is approached from the Marxist tradition, for this is a key that […]

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Political Theology or Social Ethics?: Towards The Democratic (Keri Day)

Within Christian traditions, one may be met with this provocative question: does “political theology” or “social ethics” sponsor liberative practices oriented towards human flourishing? Interestingly, the framing of this question requires one to choose a side. One must argue that either political theology or social ethics is poised to address the myriad theo-ethical issues we face, particularly issues of difference, pluralism, and alterity. I believe that this is a false framing of the question.

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india parliament gate

“Exclusive” Growth: Fundamentalism in the service of Liberalism, and vice versa

Federal elections in the world’s largest democracy have recently led to a significant change of leadership in India. There are two crucial domains of concern for anyone looking at the future of India after these elections: on the one hand, concerns about the rights and dignity of minority communities, which is saturated with an ideological component; on the other hand, the project of growth and development, which is the language Prime Minister Modi now speaks.

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