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Political Theology Is “Theological” To The Extent It Enchants Its Audience (Martin Kavka)

The following is the first of a five-part symposium on the question “how theological is political theology”, which took place at the 2016 American Academy of Religion meeting in San Antonio. Three years ago, I edited a volume with Randi Rashkover entitled Judaism, Liberalism, and Political Theology.  I was quite […]

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The Politics of God’s Reconciliation—Romans 5:1-11 (Richard Davis)

In Romans, Paul speaks of a God of reconciliation, who makes friends of enemies. Principles of reconciliation and of the love of enemies have often been quarantined from the political realm in systems of political thought that prioritize the enemy-friend polarity. However, a politics of love for enemies and of reconciliation with a creation from which we have become alienated may never have been more urgent.

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Political Theology Needs Its Own “Pivot To Asia” (Kwok Pui-Lan)

This essay first appeared as part of an announcement for the print journal Political Theology in July, 2016.  It is reprinted here because of its timeliness.  The original posting can be found here. When scholars discuss modern political theology, they usually refer to Carl Schmitt’s book Political Theology as the founding […]

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What Is The New “Nomos of the Earth”? Reflections on the Later Schmitt (Carl Raschke)

German jurist and philosopher Carl Schmitt, who coined the term “political theology”, is best known for his seminal works in the 1920s that dealt with such familiar concepts as sovereignty, the “state of exception”, and the “friend-enemy” distinction. But his later thought, developed in writings in the two decades after […]

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Donald Trump and the Theopolitics of Ineffable Power (Daniel Miller)

Donald Trump’s political rise continues to confound pundits and political thinkers, retaining a sense of mystery that has accompanied his campaign since early in the nomination process. Time and time again, Trump has made bold pronouncements, statements of extreme grandiosity, statements that seem impossible, contradictory, or both. When pressed on […]

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The Political Theology Syllabi Project: Inese Radzins

My interest in teaching a course on Political Theology came from my research on Simone Weil. I wanted to understand how the area of political theology could help me interpret Weil’s oeuvre, which often focuses on the intersection of politics and religion. To that end I decided to teach a course in the Fall of 2011 that would explore the historic development of the concept “political theology.” The course would consider how the western tradition has “thought” the intersection of politics/theology.

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