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Ryan and Romeny

The False Dilemma of Big vs. Small Government

Roland Boer argues that both the Right and the Left contribute to a false dilemma and an alienated politics….In the current, sad situation of politics in the bourgeois state, we seem to be trapped in the tired old opposition of big government versus small government. If one is a political-junky of the USA(I find it a snore), this issue has once again come to fore by the selection of Paul Ryan to be Mitt Romney’s Republican running mate in the elections of 2012. Ryan is a classic proponent of small government, trailing the dust of von Hayek, Friedman and the rest. Toss out government programs (national health scheme, age care etc.) and then savagely cut taxes to put more money in the pockets of the owners of capital so they can spend it to stimulate a failing economy. Elsewhere you encounter the slogan of ‘big society’, beloved of David Cameron’s Tories in the UK, with the assumption that the state should thereby be small. And you find it the standard move of ‘privatising’ state assets, assuming that the ‘private’ sector will run them better. In reality, of course, it is merely selling off state assets to one’s buddies in the business world. Through it all runs the mantra that the state should not be in business of, well, running businesses. It is supposedly inefficient, lax and corrupt…..

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A case of ecclesial over-optimism? A response to Milbank’s return to Christendom’s social vision

John Milbank’s recent Church Times’ article (16th December, 2011), The Church is the site for the true society, contains interesting perspectives from classic Christendom’s distinctively Christian sociology (following Figgis, Chesterton and Belloc) that chime well with David Cameron’s Big Society. It contains rhetorical evocations of civil and virtue economies, and […]

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