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Yoga Practitioners And The Unspoken Global Aspirations Of Indian Ethno-Nationalism (Patrick McCartney)

If an individual participates in the global yoga phenomenon in some way, does this leave them susceptible to becoming an unwitting supporter of a violent Hindu nationalist ideology? And, does this make them a yoga fundamentalist? One of the more pressing matters involves clarifying the link(s) between the consumption of […]

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Critical Theory of Public Religion in Australia (by Geoff Boucher)

This is the second post in a series on religion and political thought in Australia.  See introduction here. Geoff Boucher, Deakin University According to its popularizations in the work of its critics, the connection between the secularization hypothesis and modernization theory can be simply and economically stated: increasing prosperity means decreasing […]

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The Cloister and the Chamber: In search of Australian political philosophy (by Marion Maddox)

For decades now, we seem to have been living in “end”: the end of history, the end of ideology, the end of theory. Parties nominally of the left (“New Labour”, “Wall St Democrats”) joined those of the right to enforce “democracy” abroad and a “third way” of free market reliance at home. Ideologues and theorists had ceded decision-making to technocrats, and no one need worry about such esoteric matters as justice or fairness, since all we had to do was sit back and let a properly-tuned market deliver optimal outcomes to everybody.

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Australian parliament

Religion and Political Thought: Introduction

Over the last few years, we have been engaged in an Australian project called ‘Religion and Political Thought’ – itself part of an international project known as ‘Religion and Radicalism’. Funded by the Australian Research Council, it seeks to do nothing less than kick-start an Australian tradition of political philosophy in relation to religion and theology. Our aims may be high, but we realise that it is very much a small beginning to what we hope will foster further debate and research.

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100 Years of Political Theology: An Australian Perspective (by Clive Pearson)

For me the field of political theology does not exist in isolation from a number of other disciplinary genres. There are some older texts which helped mark out the territory and possess a kind of classical importance. That claim needs to be seen in perspective. I am writing out of Australia and, prior to living here, taught theology in Aotearoa-New Zealand following postgraduate study at Cambridge.

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The Blake Prize in Religous Art 2012

The Blake Prize is the most prestigious prize in religious art in Australia, with a history of over 60 years. As one of the judges for the 2012 prize, I would like to ask what the prize reveals about spirituality in Australia, or at least how artists perceive such spirituality? […]

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