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Book Preview – The Inevitable Caliphate? by Reza Pankhurst

[Reza Pankhurst previews his recently published book, The Inevitable Caliphate? A History of the Struggle for Global Islamic Union, 1924 to the Present (Hurst Publishers, 2013).] ‘Reza Pankhurst’s deftly argued, thought-provoking book addresses the significant yet neglected topic of the Islamic Caliphate, focusing on the attempts of Muslim thinkers and […]

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September Morning — Julie Craig

Early on a sunny September morning, my son, then fourteen years old, knocked on my bedroom door and asked, “Mom? Did somebody bomb the World Trade Center?” Rousing from my sleep I replied, “Yes, but that was years ago.” Before I could roll over to shut off the alarm that […]

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Safety and Freedom do not Equate

Music moves, propels, and speaks to the emotions of the listener. The sounds of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros has grasped my heart as of late. They are a ragamuffin group, full of old heads, hippies, and crust punks and their musical genre could be labeled as 70’s folk […]

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The Media and 9/11: Then and Now

By Tazim R. Kassam

In this case, the “covering up” is the absence of reference to Islam/Muslims. The silence is a form of erasure of their experience in the historical narrative post-9/11. Both are processes that hide Islam, in one case through distortion in the other disinterest.

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Faithless at Ground Zero

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has banned all clergy from formal participation in this coming weekend’s commemoration ceremony at Ground Zero. It is certainly understandable why he would contemplate this step, especially given all of the rancor that arose prior to the 2010 elections over the proposed mosque just blocks from […]

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Ten Years After 9/11, PT 12.5 Published

Political Theology 12.5 (2011) is a special issue entitled ‘Ten Years After 9/11’, in which twenty-two contributors from across the religious spectrum take stock of the events of September 11, 2001 and their aftermath. Perspectives are offered from theologians, specialists in the study of religion, historians, philosophers, ethicists, anthropologists and political scientists. A number of the contributors are active in the area of interreligious dialogue and interfaith relations. Some are grassroots activists.

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