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Publishing Policy & Practices

F693FF6C-15B6-456B-BEE8-FD3E04CF8080The blog Political Theology Today and the print journal Political Theology are separate entities with their own staffs, practices, and policies,  The aim of the blog is to make a space within academic discourse for short opinion pieces, reactions to news events, and free-ranging commentary on subjects which certain kinds of expertise can address in a timely and distinctive fashion.

The editors of Political Theology Today continue to think through the nature of, and the relationship between, the blog and journal, and we welcome from our readers any thoughts on how to make both media serve the field as well as they can.

Neither the journal nor the blog editors endorse, or necessarily agree, with the opinions expressed by our contributors. In keeping with the principle of open and free discussion of timely matters, we allow for a broad range of views on different sides of the political spectrum, especially for unsolicited pieces.   Given that the field of political theology is large and diverse, the blog tries to reflect this range of views.

At the same time, we are careful to avoid posts that are clearly defamatory or disparaging to particular religious or ethnic groups.

All comments regarding particular articles are moderated before publication.  Political Theology Today will not publish comments that are not relevant to the article in question or are prima facie angry, insulting, or uncivil, regardless of the topic.

If you have any suggestions about how we might improve both our profile and content, or to discuss possible revisions of our editorial policy, please write the managing editor Carl Raschke at carlraschke@gmail.com.

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