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“Delegated Divine Rule” – On Hobbes And The Origins Of Political Theology (Jonathan Cole)

What follows is a perambulation of the political theology of Hobbes on display in his magnum opus Leviathan. This is a self-conscious exercise in anachronism. Suffice to say, Hobbes was not aware that he had something called a “political theology” or that in writing Leviathan he expounded such a thing. […]

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Earth abyss

“Resurrection Day”, Or Turning The World Upside Down (Carl Raschke)

The day the Christian world calls Easter Sunday is just about over.  But if we seek to the larger and still undeciphered significance of why we celebrate Easter, we have to set aside in our minds many of the most familiar as well as popular traditions, iconographies, and spiritual practices which […]

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What Is The New “Nomos of the Earth”? Reflections on the Later Schmitt (Carl Raschke)

German jurist and philosopher Carl Schmitt, who coined the term “political theology”, is best known for his seminal works in the 1920s that dealt with such familiar concepts as sovereignty, the “state of exception”, and the “friend-enemy” distinction. But his later thought, developed in writings in the two decades after […]

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The Making Of Abstract Humanity – How The Invention Of Money Propelled Slavery (Roland Boer)

As part of our research for a book called Time of Troubles, Christina Petterson and I have been developing an approach to understanding slavery. It is predicated on the Roman legal invention of absolute property. In the late second century BCE, Roman jurists first defined absolute private property as the […]

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Pope Francis is embraced by a female inmate during his visit to the CeReSo n. 3 prison in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016. Pope Francis is wrapping up his trip to Mexico with a visit to the prison just days after a riot in another lockup killed dozens of inmates. (Gabriel Bouys/Pool Photo via AP)

Speeches of Two Women Frame Pope Francis’ Visit to the US-Mexico Border (Neomi DeAnda and Néstor Medina)

The following are translations of speeches given by two women – Daisy Flores Gámez and Evelia Quintana Molina – in Juarez during the Pope’s visit in February 2016. Although the Pope’s speech at the border was heavily covered in the North American press and served as the subject of extensive commentary […]

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