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Political Theology Welcomes New Editorial Board Members

The journal Political Theology is very pleased to announce the addition of seven new members of its Editorial Board. These distinguished scholars further broaden the journal’s reach and scope. They include scholars of political theory, philosophy, law, anthropology, and theology, with expertise in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, based in the United States, Brazil, Israel, France, and India. They join a vibrant group of current editorial board members that includes Cornel West, Miroslav Volf, Judith Butler, and Rowan Williams. Here are the new board members:

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Call for Papers: Beyond Habermas? A Special Issue of “The European Legacy”

The editors of The European Legacy, the official journal of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas, invite abstract and article submissions for a special issue entitled, “Beyond Habermas? Critical Theory, Political Theology, and Interreligious Dialogue.” Habermas’ postsecular perspective of socio-political integration has had a marked influence on the debate […]

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Call for Papers: International Conference on Toleration and Secularization

The University of the Andes, Chile, will be hosting a conference on toleration and secularization. Not long ago, secularization and toleration were integrated into narratives of progress and modernity, in which both of them were understood as deeply intertwined. More recent theoretical and empirical scholarship, including historical research and more […]

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The Political Theology Syllabi Project: Michael McCurry and Kris Norris

For nearly two decades, Wesley Theological Seminary has sponsored the National Capital Semester for Seminarians (NCSS), a program which immerses students from Wesley and other seminaries around the country in the politics and policymaking of Washington and the ways people of faith intersect in those spaces. When Dr. Shaun Casey, the long time coordinator of the program, left to join the faith outreach office at the U.S. Department of State upon request of Secretary of State John Kerry, I stepped in to help direct the program.

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The Political Theology Syllabi Project: Inese Radzins

My interest in teaching a course on Political Theology came from my research on Simone Weil. I wanted to understand how the area of political theology could help me interpret Weil’s oeuvre, which often focuses on the intersection of politics and religion. To that end I decided to teach a course in the Fall of 2011 that would explore the historic development of the concept “political theology.” The course would consider how the western tradition has “thought” the intersection of politics/theology.

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The Political Theology Syllabi Project: Paul Heck

…I still seek to introduce the students, now grads, to the range of political formulations in Islam, but in contrast to the undergraduate version of the course, we also look to political theology as a method for thinking about politics. Why? And How? After all, political theology is really a product of the Christian West. Does it have applicability in other contexts?

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Conference Announcement: Religion and Labor: Moral Vision from/for the Grassroots

Labor leaders and scholars from around the world are gathering for a two-day symposium in Syracuse, New York, to explore how the moral resources within religious traditions can invigorate labor activism and struggles for labor justice. The symposium will bring together ethicists, theorists, theologians, historians, and others to foster a dialogue intended both to deepen scholarly conversations around these issues and to promote greater intellectual depth for faith-based labor organizing. The conference will be held at Syracuse University and Le Moyne College on April 10-11. Registration is free and all are welcome.

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Call for Papers: Intellectual Virtue, Religion, and Civil Discourse

Call for Papers: Political Theology has expressed interest in publishing a special issue on the theme of intellectual virtue and civil discourse (subject to editors’ and referees’ approval). Due date: June 15, 2015.

Intellectual virtues are commendable traits of thought that facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and understanding. Public discourse would be much better off when citizens exercise such virtues, it seems.

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Second Balkan Summer School on Religion and Public Life, July 26-August 8, 2015

The 2015 Balkan Summer School on Religion and Public Life (BSSRPL) will be devoted to the theme Conversion and the Boundaries of Community. As with previous schools, it proceeds from the idea that religion and other forms of collective belonging are central for the life of both individuals and society, and that our religious communities are often those to which we devote our greatest loyalties.

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