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olive trees

Olive Trees Aflame: Nonviolence and Palestine (by Jonathan McRay)

In 2008, I worked in Ramallah as a journalist and interim editor for the Palestine Monitor, a web-based news source committed to “exposing life under occupation.” I traveled throughout the West Bank, writing several articles about the village of Ni’lin, whose olive groves and roads are fractured due to the construction of the separation wall.

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Divided We Fall, Ill

I recently saw the film, “Elysium”, starring Matt Damon.  It is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth, but from what I could tell, it wasn’t war or earthquake or zombies that ruined Earth and turned it into a hell-scape where people lived in rubble and struggled to get by. We were […]

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marriage equality

Equal Recognition

We’ve said it over and over this past week. “Hello, Federally Recognized Wife!” It’s part of our celebration of and wonder at the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Windsor v. United States. Two women whose geekiness usually remains in the categories of sports trivia (her) or musical theatre (me) were […]

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Saving Jesus, One “Merry Christmas” at a Time

Last week, Texas Governor Rick Perry signed a “Merry Christmas Bill”  which closed some gaps in Texas public school education: Protecting religious greetings, including the phrase “Merry Christmas;” allowing religious displays, including nativity scenes; and providing for education regarding “winter celebrations,” including Christian ones. Jesus: Saved again. (/sarcasm) I humbly suggest […]

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National Day of Prayer

Somewhere on a remote rural road in far northeast Pennsylvania, a tire company makes a statement.  In tires.  I drove that road for many months, wondering if I was seeing more than a collection of tires on an entrance embankment.  Eventually, I got the message.  In letters and numbers 20 […]

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