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Care of the Self: Alain de Botton in context

Enter a large chain bookshop and the self-help shelves loom before you, vast obstacles you need to negotiate in order to get anywhere else in the shop. Here are books with glossy covers, bristling with images of ageless authors, impossibly white teeth, wrinkles smoothed out – all speaking of the […]

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Of Money, Morality and Militants – Why We Need More Calvinists as Finance Ministers

I just read with a certain wry amusement as well as disequilibrum economist Melyvn Krauss’ tirade against the appointment of Jeroen Dijsselbloem, an official from the Dutch Labor Party, to head up the council of Eurozone finance ministers, which recently came up with the latest plan following the Cyprus debacle […]

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An Idiot’s Guide to the Late Great Natural Law Debate

With conservative and evangelical ethicists falling dramatically off the anti-gay-marriage bandwagon at a remarkable pace, superstar theologian David Bentley Hart’s essay “Is, Ought, and Nature’s Laws” last month in First Things came like a spark on a dry pile of tinder. Challenging the optimism of many contemporary Catholic thinkers (and recently many evangelical thinkers as well) that natural law arguments can provide a convincing, broadly-appealing basis for opposition to gay marriage legislation, Hart provoked a tide of responses and counter-responses in the blogosphere, which continues even now. For at stake in Hart’s remarks were not merely how conservatives should and shouldn’t engage in gay marriage debates, but the nature of the public square and of natural law itself, the foundation upon which so much Christian political theory has been built over the centuries.

Rather than attempting to weigh in with yet another contribution to the wide-ranging debate, I will merely seek to provide here something of an annotated catalogue of the more significant blasts and counter-blasts

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Democracy and the debt crisis – why political theology needs to wake up from its moralistic slumber

Now that America’s fiscal cliff has been averted, the press and public attention are turning quickly to the next looming “crisis” – the debt ceiling. For many of today’s liberals, the debt ceiling issue is little more than a red herring. Partisan politics and convoluted political rhetoric aside, the left […]

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