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The Politics of Man’s Exaltation—Psalm 8 (Alastair Roberts)

Psalm 8’s presentation of human dominion and politics as a creation of God has significant ramifications for our posture towards the various forms of human rule and authority. The juxtaposition of divinely appointed power and human weakness humbles arrogant ambition, encouraging a spirit of meekness and modest service in our politics.

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Comments on Cardinal Cupich’s Consistent Ethic of Solidarity (Matthew A. Shadle)

In April, Cardinal Blasé Cupich, the Archbishop of Chicago, gave the Cardinal Joseph Bernardin Common Cause Inaugural Address at Loyola University in Chicago, and this address was recently published by Commonweal. In the address, Cupich revisits the “consistent ethic of life” proposed by his predecessor Bernardin, suggesting that it has […]

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