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Women on Israeli Kibbutz, Library of Congress photo

The Deepening Rift In American Judaism And The Turn Toward Revisionist Zionism (Martin Katchen)

One aspect of the 2016 American election that has gone largely unnoticed has been the way this election has deepened an already existing rift within American Judaism, and Judaism in general. The election of Donald Trump and the appointment of Breitbart News head Steve Bannon as Trump’s Chief Strategist prompted […]

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Black lives demo

Flashback – For Black Lives There Can Be No Peace Without Justice (Vincent Lloyd)

In our commitment to keeping going the ongoing conversation on political theology and race in America, we are republishing here an opinion piece from two summers ago by PTT’s editor Vincent Lloyd of Villanova University (formerly Syracuse University).  The piece was originally published on August 19, 2014, and was entitled […]

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Tapisserie de Bayeux - Scène 23 : Harold prête serment à Guillaume

The Origins of Feudalism in the West – Daniel Little

In the grand historical march postulated by historical materialism, ancient slavery and medieval feudalism preceded capitalism as distinct systems of domination and exploitation (e.g. Perry Anderson’s Passages from Antiquity to Feudalism). In each social order small elites captured great wealth from the mass of producers, whether enslaved farmers and artisans in […]

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Malaria in the Ancient World

Life in the first centuries of the common era in Judea and Galilee was short and sharp, characterized by “frequent pregnancy and sudden death.”[1] The evidence is rather sobering.[2] Apart from persistent problems of gastrointestinal diseases and brucellosis (from infected animal products such as goat’s milk), each year had seasons […]

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On Communist Faith

‘Keeping the faith’ is a common slogan that appears from time to time in socialist circles, especially during tougher times. Usually, it is invoked when a small, marginal party seeks to call on the group to maintain its focus in the face of yet another defeat. But what if the […]

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