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Ethics of evangelism

The Ethics of Evangelism (by Elmer John Thiessen)

The activity of religious proselytizing or evangelism is often under attack, and would seem to be increasingly so today. Sometimes critics suggest that most proselytizing is immoral, while at other times they call into question the very institution of proselytizing. In other words, proselytizing is considered to be immoral by its very nature. This opposition to proselytizing spills over into the political realm, with at times growing world-wide restrictions on religious freedom and the right to proselytize.

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Book Preview – The Faith Lives of Women and Girls, edited by Nicola Slee, Fran Porter and Anne Phillips

[Nicola Slee, Fran Porter and Anne Phillips preview their edited collection, The Faith Lives of Women and Girls: Qualitative Research Perspectives (Farnham: Ashgate, 2013)]. The Spiritual is Political ‘The personal is political’ has long encapsulated a core feminist idea that, contrary to dominant opinion, women’s lived experiences are not irrelevant […]

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Book Preview – Ageing, Ritual and Social Change, edited by Coleman, Koleva and Bornat

Our book connects the subject of ageing with that of religion in contemporary European society. This might seem a natural association to make but in fact is largely missing in current research in both gerontology and religious studies. . . . The study of ageing in its turn has also given limited attention to the role of religious faith and practice, as well as to secular alternatives to religion, in providing existential meaning to older people’s lives.

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Catholic Progressives

Book Preview – Catholic Progressives in England after Vatican II by Jay P. Corrin

This book examines the development of Catholic social philosophy from the end of World War II up through the turbulent 1960s. Vatican Council II can be seen as the culmination of the Catholic liberal or progressive tradition, the earlier history of which was the subject of my previous book Catholic Intellectuals and the Challenge of Democracy (2002). Thanks to the ground-breaking work of such Catholics as Jacques Maritain, Virgil Michel, Hans Küng, John Courtney Murray and others, there was in place by the calling of Vatican II a theological platform from which the Church could launch a progressive approach to the secular challenges of the modern age.

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Book Forged in Hell

Book Preview – A Book Forged in Hell by Steven Nadler

Writing in May, 1670, the German theologian Jacob Thomasius fulminated against a recent, anonymously published book. It is, he claimed, “a godless document” that should be immediately banned in all countries. His Dutch colleague, Regnier Mansveld, a professor at the University of Utrecht, insisted that the new publication was harmful to all religions and “ought to be buried forever in an eternal oblivion.” Willem van Blijenburgh, a philosophically inclined Dutch merchant, wrote that “this atheistic book is full of abominations … which every reasonable person should find abhorrent.” One disturbed critic went so far as to call it “a book forged in hell”, written by the devil himself.

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Inhabiting Eden

Book Preview – Inhabiting Eden by Patricia K. Tull

[Patricia K. Tull, A.B. Rhodes Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, previews her book, Inhabiting Eden: Christians, the Bible, and the Ecological Crisis (Westminster John Knox Press, 2013)] Inhabiting Eden: A Resource for Christian Communities In 2007-2008, I took a year-long Lilly sabbatical from teaching Hebrew Bible […]

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Book Preview – Social Identities Between the Sacred and the Secular, edited by Day, Vincett and Cotter

[Abby Day, Goldsmiths, University of London, previews the edited collection, Social Identities Between the Sacred and the Secular (Ashgate, 2013), co-edited with Giselle Vincett and Christopher R. Cotter]. How and why people are religious is a theme that has motivated my work ever since I began questioning why so many […]

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