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monastic wales

Book Preview: Monastic Wales edited by Janet Burton and Karen Stöber

Medieval religious houses were more than enclosed communities of men or women who spent their lives in prayer and worship, striving for their own salvation and interceding for the salvation of humankind. Clearly this was part of the story – it was not for nothing that the medieval historian Orderic Vitalis called monasteries ‘citadels of the Lord’, or that monks were commonly regarded as spiritual soldiers fighting against the power of the Devil and his cohorts.

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Book Preview: Zionism through Christian Lenses by Carole Monica Burnett

n the matter of U.S. support for Israel, religion and politics operate as Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, reinforcing each other in a slapstick display of tomfoolery. Although presidents have for decades lodged verbal objections to settlement expansion in the Palestinian territories, the Congress continues to authorize 3.2 billion dollars per year for Israel while Christian Zionist organizations send tax-exempt millions directly to the settlements.

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Organising God’s Work and Managing Growth: Book Preview and Reflections on the Church of England

[Martyn Percy, Principal of Ripon College, Cuddesdon, and Professor of Theological Education at King’s College, London, reflects on organisation and management in the Church of England. His new book, Anglicanism: Confidence, Commitment and Communion, is now available from Ashgate.] Nothing ages faster than yesterday’s dreams of tomorrow.  So when it comes to […]

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Book Preview – The Inevitable Caliphate? by Reza Pankhurst

[Reza Pankhurst previews his recently published book, The Inevitable Caliphate? A History of the Struggle for Global Islamic Union, 1924 to the Present (Hurst Publishers, 2013).] ‘Reza Pankhurst’s deftly argued, thought-provoking book addresses the significant yet neglected topic of the Islamic Caliphate, focusing on the attempts of Muslim thinkers and […]

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Book Preview – Religion and Sustainability, by Lucas Johnston

[Lucas Johnston, Assistant Professor of Religion and Environmental Studies at Wake Forest University, previews his book, Religion and Sustainability: Social Movements and the Politics of the Environment (Acumen, 2013).] One advocate for the National Association of Scholars (an organization that actively resists multiculturalism and affirmative action, and has a reputation for […]

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Critical Theory and Democracy

Book Preview – Towards a Post-Sovereign Foundational Politics: On Critical Theory and Democracy, edited by Enrique Peruzzotti and Martín Plot

[Enrique Peruzzotti, Di Tella University, and Martín Plot, California Institute of the Arts, introduce their recently published collection on the work of Andrew Arato, Critical Theory and Democracy: Civil Society, Dictatorship, and Constitutionalism in Andrew Arato’s Democratic Theory.] Over the past decades, Andrew Arato’s scholarship has transited several facets and […]

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Book (P)review – Religion, Politics and the Earth by Clayton Crockett and Jeffrey W. Robbins

[Clayton Crockett, University of Central Arkansas, and Jeffrey W. Robbins, Lebanon Valley College, on their co-authored book, Religion, Politics and the Earth: The New Materialism, Palgrave Macmillan, 2012] When we were first invited to contribute to the Political Theology blog with reference to Religion, Politics and the Earth, the idea was […]

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Book Preview – Theological Reflection and the Pursuit of Ideals: Theology, Human Flourishing and Freedom

[David Jasper, University of Glasgow, and Dale Wright, Occidental College, preview their edited collection, Theological Reflection and the Pursuit of Ideals: Theology, Human Flourishing and Freedom, published this month with Ashgate] Theological Humanism has its roots in an interdisciplinary vision that views human life across and beyond the boundaries that […]

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