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Courtroom Sketch of Officer Stephen Sullivan, Defendant in Bumpurs Trial, 1985.
Museum of the City of New York

No Justice, No Peace: Reflections on the Tragedy of Ferguson

Three years before, Eleanor Bumpurs had been shot. A sixty-six year old black woman shot by a white police officer. Shot twice. With a shotgun. In her home. A case against the police officer wound through the courts in fits and starts. In 1987 the officer was acquitted. It was then, on the streets in front of the courthouse, that the press recorded for the first time the chant, “no justice, no peace.”

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border checkpoint

Diaspora, Relationality, and the Roots of Injustice in *Parting Ways*

Several of my friends joined a Facebook meme soliciting a list of the ten books that most influenced you. I thought myself too cool to participate, but if I had, Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble would have been on my list. I devoured it one winter break when I was home from college. At the time, I was fascinated by the world of feminist theory to which Butler introduced me.

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The Political Theology Syllabi Project: Vincent Lloyd

The phrase “political theology” is used in many ways, across many disciplines. Over the past few years, an increasing number of courses have been offered calling themselves Political Theology, or describing their topics as political theology. We have invited faculty from political science, religious studies, theology, and history who teach courses on political theology to share their syllabi on this blog over the coming weeks, and to reflect on political theology pedagogy

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Books Forthcoming in Winter/Spring 2014

Following the very useful list posted on Religion in American History, we’ve put together a list of several forthcoming books relevant to political theology to keep an eye out for as they are published in the coming months. If we’ve missed any, please share them in the comments. Come summer, we hope to have another list for you, introducing all the books due in the second half of the year.

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100 Years of Political Theology: Vincent Lloyd’s Top Ten

If an academic field is defined in part by its canon, wide divergence on canon would suggest that what appears to be a field might not really be one. In the case of political theology, there seems to be this sort of incoherence: an anthropologist writing an article about political theology may never have heard of Dorothee Sölle, while a seminary professor writing an article about political theology might never have heard of Claude Lefort.

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Political Theology and Islamic Studies Symposium: What is Islamic Political Theology?

The revival of interest in political theology at the turn of the millennium began with Islam, then moved to Christianity. In the wake of September 11, 2001, it became clear that not all religion was fading away, nor was all religion confined to the private sphere. The evidence: radical Islam. But the obvious risk of Islamophobia that accompanied a focus on Islam as anomalously growing and anomalously public prompted some scholars to explore how Christianity itself was neither fading away nor thoroughly privatized. Instead of focusing on Islam as anomaly, political theology provided a framework for complicating the West’s story of itself, for probing the complex and continuing relations between religious and political ideas.

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Voting Rights and the Spirit

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was an extraordinary piece of legislation. Its passage was catalyzed by the activism of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the community organizing of countless individuals, young and old. It has had an extraordinary effect, dramatically increasing African American voter registration and participation in the […]

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Republicans on Diversity and Religion

One of the most striking features of the Republican Party’s recent self-assessment, the “Growth and Opportunity Project” report, is the almost complete absence of religion. The moment of the Religious Right is undoubtedly over. But the largely secular Tea Party moment also seems to be fading. The Growth and Opportunity Project […]

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“Race and Secularism in America,” co-sponsored by Syracuse University and Vassar College

On October 26 and 27, 2012, Vincent Lloyd and Jonathon Kahn will convene a workshop at Syracuse University on “Race and Secularism in America.” The animating question of the workshop is: Why have contemporary discussions of “the secular” rarely been inflected by considerations of race, and why discussions of race rarely taken the secular into […]

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