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Moral Living, Moral Voting

Where is the line between voting according to our moral convictions and voting to enforce our ideas of morality on others? It is not an easy line to find, and is often easiest to see in hindsight. For example, it is now clear that the abolitionists were exactly right in […]

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Christian Reconstructionism and Election 2012

Analysts largely agree: Christian Reconstructionism has been growing on the religious right. The older model of the Moral Majority (Christian “influence” in society) has largely given way to the new reconstruction ideas (Christian “dominion” over society). Similarly, the religious right has increasingly identified its interests with the Republican Party, while […]

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What is Christian Reconstructionism?

Everywhere, it seems, one hears “Wasn’t our country founded as a Christian nation? Shouldn’t we vote only for Christian candidates willing to stand up for our beliefs?” The talk has grown in volume in recent years as earnest Christians endeavor to discern God’s will for church and society. Behind this talk is a movement known as Christian Reconstructionism, whose set of ideas is based on bringing Christian law into the public and political sphere….

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