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A Philosophy of Christian Materialism: Entangled Fidelities and the Public Good (Christopher R. Baker, Thomas A. James and John Reader)

This book is both a project and a staging post on a shared journey. It is a place where, for a brief moment, the three of us came to rest in order to explore and expand upon our separate reflections on attempts to construct an appropriate contemporary conceptuality for Christianity, and its implications for engaged practice and public theology.

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The Thatcher Legacy

The Thatcher Legacy and contemporary politics There is something very odd about the way that “the Thatcher legacy” is currently being portrayed in the UK press and seems to be accepted by the country at large. Most of the commentators, whether they are either for or against what this legacy […]

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What is Truth? Some alternatives

“Pilate asked him, ‘What is truth?’” (John 18.38). Good question, and one to which we seem no nearer to having an answer than Pilate did then. I sometimes wonder if the question itself is merely a blind for the avoidance of the real issues, but let us take it at […]

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So who do you say that I am?

There has to be some recognisable point of contact, a relatedness based on direct experience rather than intellectual argument before a response can reasonably be expected. “So who do you say that I am?”. No encounter, then no question and no response. This is why one of the key tasks of any form of ministry, let alone a political or public theology, must be to identify locations for encounter, those liminal spaces in which we meet the new and unfamiliar…

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Theological Reflection for Human Flourishing

Theological Reflection for Human Flourishing: Pastoral Practice and Public Theology: Helen Cameron, John Reader, Victoria Slater with Chris Rowland (SCM Press, 2012).   Back in the mists of time (2005 to be exact), I came up with the rather enigmatic title “Blurred Encounters” for a book which contained a mixture […]

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