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Why Niebuhr Now (or Not)?

In his final book, Why Niebuhr Now?, the late John Patrick Diggins exposes what he claims are false appropriations of Niebuhr and offers in their place Niebuhr’s critique of power. It is this insight, says Diggins, that is especially needed today. This is a significant argument, one worth discussing. And so we asked two scholars, Elliot Ratzman and Ron Stone, to help us launch the conversation.

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The Media and 9/11: Then and Now

By Tazim R. Kassam

In this case, the “covering up” is the absence of reference to Islam/Muslims. The silence is a form of erasure of their experience in the historical narrative post-9/11. Both are processes that hide Islam, in one case through distortion in the other disinterest.

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Fragments: Reflections in a Shattered Screen

By Tina Beattie

Fragments. That’s all we have. Books have been written, justifications have been offered, blame has been distributed and redistributed, enquiries have been held, heroes have been buried, villains have been executed, prime ministers and presidents have come and gone, and still all we have are fragments, and the rattle of empty words, dry as ash and bones.

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Faith and Party Politics: Responding to Three Criticisms

By Andy Flannagan

Our attitude to the planet and its structures, as economics and ecology mix inextricably, are formed by whether our mindset is one of moving on to the next place, or one of renovation. Our God is a God intent on renovation. He has a plan for this place and it is good. This place IS the next place. It will be transformed. And incredibly we are called to be part of demonstrating what this next place will be like right now, which surely involves change within and through political structures.

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Winner Take All?—A Political and Religious Assessment of the Culture War between the LGBT Community and Conservatives

By Andrew Marin

Historians note that on 28 June, 1969 the modern era of the battle over gay rights unofficially began. It was in the early hours of that morning in Greenwich Village in New York City at an underground gay club called Stonewall Inn that a group of LGBT patrons began fighting back against the NYPD, who regularly showed up to receive bribes and shake-down those in the club under the threats of a very public, and irrevocably damaging, “outing.”

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“Clearly, this is not a pacifist God we serve”

The following piece was originally published at Sightings on 8/4/2011 by Margaret M. Mitchell, who is Dean of the University of Chicago Divinity School and Shailer Mathews Professor of New Testament and Early Christian Literature. Sightings is connected with the Martin Marty Center at the University of Chicago Divinity School. […]

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