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Middle East and European Refugee Crises Clamor For Heavy Infusion of “Christian Realism”

The Middle Eastern fiasco and the consequent refugee crisis in Europe, to which Western Christian intellectuals have responded with either a deer-in-the-headlights indecision or an all-too-familiar anti-Western (or at minimum anti-American) blame-gaming, suggests that we need a new and heavy infusion of “Christian realism” into our discourse. The expression “Christian […]

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The Clash of Victimizations – How A Babble of Grievances Impedes the Struggle for Real Justice

Just when highly publicized cases of police brutality against African-Americans in urban areas are spiking awareness about systemic racial profiling and discrimination the nation has wrongly believed was mere history, the exacting issues of social inequality, civil rights, and respect for the claims of minorities become increasingly obscured by a […]

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