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What’s The Matter With California? The Left’s Capitulation To Neoliberalism (Roger Green)

Just after the 2017 U.S. presidential election philosopher Alain Badiou gave a talk at UCLA entitled “Reflections on the Recent Election.”  Badiou opened with a reference to poetry, noting the philosophical necessity to avoid the affective displays of anger, horror, outrage, fear, etc. in the face of the enemy: And we […]

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Is The Contingency Issue Political, Professional, Personal, Or All The Above? (Kat Daley-Bailey)

The following is the fifth, and final, essay in a series on “the contingent campus”, or the problem of adjunctification and precarious academic employment. “Do you accept Jesus as your political Lord and Savior?” You read that correctly. “Do you accept Jesus as your political Lord and Savior?” When asked to […]

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Old met

The Art Of Political Theology – Finding The Right Definition And The Proper Set Of Questions (Jonathan Cole)

As I near completion of my doctoral study in political theology, I find myself reflecting on the difficulty of defining my area of inquiry. Many doctoral students dread the incessant, yet inevitable, question: “what’s you’re PhD on?” I am fortunate in that my thesis is tightly defined and readily explicable, […]

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Something’s Happening Here…And Fifty Years Later Perhaps We Ought To Beware (Carl Raschke)

As I watched Berkeley burn on February 1 in protest against the speaking engagement of right-wing political provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, the feeling of deja vous suddenly turned vivid and overwhelming. I was transported in my imagination back to the same place where I had attended graduate school in the late 1960s amid all […]

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Luis León And The Formation Of A New Latino Political Spirituality (Roger Green)

The work of Luis León in recent years has proven to be signally important in fostering a discourse of ethno-“spirituality” as the linchpin of a genuine Latino political theology. León’s The Political Spirituality of Cesar Chavez extends the concept of religious poetics he introduced in La Llorona’s Children, offering a “case study” with the mythical […]

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Hell or high water - public domain

“Hell Or High Water” May Just Tell Us Who We Really Are – Politically (Carl Raschke)

The movie Hell or High Water with its four academy award nominations, presently playing in the theaters, turns out to be far more than just another quirky, brilliantly scripted, postmodernized version of the venerable Western within a twenty-first century genre. Even if not intended as such, Hell or High Water can also be taken as a […]

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On the Insurrectionary Turn In Political Theology (Roger Green)

The “alethurgy” (as Foucault called it, i.e., the set of procedures for declaring something “true”) that is the manifestation of Trump and the rising of the far right into high profile media discourse has produced re-constellations, re-evaluations and subjectivations. The 2016 U.S. election was revelatory in the sense that the […]

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