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John Calvin

A Calvinist Take On Why Evangelicals Support Donald Trump (Jonathan Cole)

An enduring fascination of the Trump moment is the ostensibly unflappable pillar of Evangelical support that helped put him in office. For well-documented reasons it hardly bears repeating that Trump is a most unlikely Evangelical hero. The prevailing narrative, with some justification, attributes the impetus behind this support to concerns […]

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Trading Scalpels For Guillotines – A Reader’s Response To Robin Lovin On Niebuhrian Prophets (Dallas Gingles)

I read with interest two new articles on Reinhold Niebuhr that came out over the Thanksgiving holiday. They were a joint response by Scott Paeth and Daniel A. Morris to Robin Lovin’s recent article on Reinhold Niebuhr’s reliance on the prophetic tradition. They suggest that while Lovin is correct in his […]

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Raising Up Niebuhrian Prophets In The Public Square – Responses To Robin Lovin (Scott Paeth And Daniel A. Morris)

The following are responses by Scott Paith and Daniel A. Morris to the article “Reinhold Niebuhr And The Shortage Of Prophets Nowadays” published in Political Theology Today the previous week.  A Thousand Niebuhrs For those of us who care about the relationship of morality and public life, these are difficult […]

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religous liberty

Book Preview – A New Paradigm Of Religious Rights And Liberties (S.I. Strong)

S.I. Strong.  Transforming Religious Liberties:  A New Theory of Religious Rights for National and International Legal Systems.  Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press, 2018.  Hardback, e-book.  374 pp.  ISBN-10: 1107179332. For centuries, policymakers have struggled to identify the best way to address the relationship between law and religion in religiously pluralist states.  […]

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“Delegated Divine Rule” – On Hobbes And The Origins Of Political Theology (Jonathan Cole)

What follows is a perambulation of the political theology of Hobbes on display in his magnum opus Leviathan. This is a self-conscious exercise in anachronism. Suffice to say, Hobbes was not aware that he had something called a “political theology” or that in writing Leviathan he expounded such a thing. […]

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Air National Guard 1st Lt. Benjamin Garland, Denver Broncos Offensive Guard and 140th Wing Public Affairs Officer, stand with Ronnie Hillman (21) and Montee Ball (38) as he listens to the National Anthem at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium, Denver, Colo. Aug 24, 2013. Garland, who originally entered the National Football League in 2010 after graduating from the U.S. Air Force Academy, was on the Bronco’s reserve/military list while fulfilling his active duty obligations in the Air Force. In 2012 Garland joined the Colorado Air National Guard and made the Broncos practice squad as a defensive lineman and is competing this season to make the 53 man final roster. (Air National Guard photo by Tech. Sgt. Wolfram M. Stumpf/RELEASED)

On Reading Balibar In Light Of The National Anthem Protests (Carl Raschke)

It is not often that the lobbing of one of Donald Trump’s weekly twitter grenades offers an occasion to ponder the deeper dimensions of modern political thinking. But the latest political demolition derby kicked off by a public presidential putdown of the National Football League for allowing players to kneel during the National Anthem has thrown into […]

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