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Announcement – Political Theology Network Interdisciplinary Outreach, Schedule For 2017-2018

In an effort to promote the Political Theology Network across a variety of academic institutions, organizations, and associations, we have put together some exciting interdisciplinary outreach projects over the next few months. The goals of this interdisciplinary outreach initiative are: (1) to increase the exposure of the Political Theology Network […]

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Announcement – Political Theology 18.5 Is Now Online

Political Theology, Volume 18, Issue 5, August 2017 is now available electronically at Taylor & Francis Online. This new issue contains the following articles: “Establishment Radical: Assessing the Legacy of Reinhold Niebuhr’s Reflections on the End of an Era“ Jeremy Luis Sabella Pages: 377-398 | DOI: 10.1179/1462317X15Z.000000000176 Abstract This article argues that Reinhold […]

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Announcement – Call For Contributors Concerning “The Contingent Campus” (Kelly Baker)

The modern university is contingent. Despite stereotypes of high-earning, high-prestige professors, there’s increasing casualization of labor in higher education. Many campus employees work in the low-wage, low-prestige positions. Tenure-track positions are becoming more rare. Adjuncts, instructors, and graduate students teach the majority of college courses. Non-tenure track jobs are the […]

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Edward Schillebeeckx

Call for Papers – “The Authority of the Church in Politics, The Future of Political Theology”

The Edward Schillebeeckx Project at KU Leuven will hold a three-day symposium on The Authority of the Church in Politics: The Future of Political Theology from November 3–5, 2016. The symposium especially seeks participation from junior scholars in the fields of theology and religious studies, philosophy, and philosophy of religion, […]

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