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“Delegated Divine Rule” – On Hobbes And The Origins Of Political Theology (Jonathan Cole)

What follows is a perambulation of the political theology of Hobbes on display in his magnum opus Leviathan. This is a self-conscious exercise in anachronism. Suffice to say, Hobbes was not aware that he had something called a “political theology” or that in writing Leviathan he expounded such a thing. […]

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Asylum Seekers from Central America: Gaming the System or Legitimate Claimants? (Matthew A. Shadle)

Recent debates over refugees coming to the United States have mostly focused on those coming from the Middle East and parts of Africa. During the presidential campaign last year the candidates debated the wisdom of admitting refugees from Syria, and President Donald Trump’s executive orders earlier this year implementing a […]

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A Problem Like Maria – Saving Lives in an Age of Climate Catastrophe (Jacaranda Turvey Tait and MT Dávila)

When Hurricane Maria made landfall just south of Yabucoa Harbor in Puerto Rico in the early hours of Wednesday, September 20, it unleashed its force on an island already reeling from the impact of Irma on its vulnerable infrastructure. The result was literally catastrophic. Almost three weeks after the storm […]

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