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Rage, Racism, and the New Global Biopolitics of Identity and Difference – Reflections on the Meaning of the Concentration Camp

For the past two weeks I have made my annual pilgrimage with university students to Vienna, which because of the strong United Nations presence and the hundreds of NGOs specializing in international humanitarian services and outreach is often known as the “gateway city” for globalization.

We always end the course with a two-hour train ride west of the city along the Danube to the Denkstätte (“memorial”) that is the Mauthausen Concentration Camp, an originally preserved site of the monstrous brutality and anti-human obscenities inflicted on a vast diversity of different peoples now at least 70 years ago by the Third Reich.

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Cuba: Navigating Reconciliation in a Sea of Dangerous Memories – Ramón Luzárraga

The Spanish daily El Pais opened its headline story about President Obama’s decision to normalize relations with Cuba, based on months of secret negotiations with that island’s Communist, totalitarian government, by stating “The Cold War ended in America, yesterday.” The article proceeded to describe the United States embargo against Cuba, […]

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