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Dreaming Beyond A Tale of Two Relationships: The Relationship of the Catholic Church with the Obama Administration within National and International Contexts (Miguel H. Diaz)

This is the first post in our Symposium on Catholic Political Theology and the 2016 Elections. Future posts will appear on Fridays in the following weeks. In his book The Audacity of Hope, President Barack Obama welcomes religious agency within the United States but cautions: “What our deliberative, pluralistic democracy […]

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The Politics of Being On The Wrong Side of History—Luke 18:9-14 (Alastair Roberts)

The Parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector is situated against the backdrop of the promise of the coming kingdom and the vindication of the righteous that will come with it. We too can look for future vindication and Jesus’ parable may speak to our own convictions about being on the ‘right side of history’.

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